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George and proto type
Galaxy Proto-types This is me working on one of the first Galaxie "G23" Prototypes fitted to a heavy duty rotator on our work shop gable end mounting. In this picture I am actually 25 foot from the apex of the building i.e. 80 to 90 feet from the ground. This height allowed the reduction of spurious signals from the ground and greatly help with the testing and development of the Aerials. it also allowed the larger G26,G29 and G32 aerials to be rotated without colliding with the second reference G23 which was permanently installed to our 15 foot chimney mounting and also with fitted heavy duty rotator. if both were turned simultaneously it provided a very impressive sight!

George and proto type
Test Masts Here you can see the full height of the main test mast the bottom section consisted of 3X20 foot 14 gauge steel masts cross clamped for stability two of these were then extended with 8 foot masts and the third with a single section of 12 foot on which was mounted the heavy duty rotator and a further 6 foot sub mast to mount the aerial on. The cross piece at the top was to sit down and rest as it was quite a long climb, but an excellent view. You can see how the aerials may have collide had they been at the same height. Also parasitic interference was eliminated by their larger separation. This gave us the ideal test bed to measure and compare the signals and performance from various experimental designs. listening tests could also be carried out and aerials were compared for "Sound Quality" as well as absolute signal levels and rejection figures. This work and thousands of installations throughout the UK finally led us to the circular galaxy range we produce today.

View from the top
View From the top This is a photo I took while testing one day from the top of the Gable end tower it actually looks even higher when you are up there!

D12 tested
Aerial Comparisons The tests on a Diamond 12 which looks very small up there all alone. Here it was being compared to the G23 reference signal. One or both aerials were still rotating in this picture that is why the are not aligned. Signal tests usually lasted several weeks or months on any particular model and they would be swapped from chimney to gable end mount and tested individually,to compensate for and signal differences due to, height or parasitic effects. i.e. one aerial re-radiating signal to the other.

end view masts
Chimney Fixing Here we have another view, note the two cross pieces from chimney to gable end are actually 20 foot steel masts!

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