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Ron and Orion
Installing an Orion This is Ron installing an Orion. Due to its lower windload a C-shape bracket can be used to support it, although if unsure or in a very windy area double lashing brackets are safer. Note the mast is steel but taped over with black pvc tape. This protects it from corrosion caused by weather or gas fumes (top and bottom of the mast are also sealed) This also reduces the visual impact of the installation. A black mast is easier on the eye and looks shorter than a bright shiny metal one.

Galaxie 32 The Galaxie 32, built by Ron. It took a couple of weeks to complete. What an aerial 224 inches in length that is nearly 19 feet. It must be used with a rotator and a very solid mounting. We believe it is the highest gain and probably the largest FM Radio aerial ever built, if you know better let me know I will include your photo here.

Shop and chevys
The Shop Sadly no longer with us since Ron's semi-retirement, the shop in Ash Road Luton and two of our installation vehicles.

G17 ready to go
G17 Ready For Install This is one of Ron's G17s ready to be fitted. Note the position of cable and orientation of the circular dipole. also the double clamps which should be positioned at the center of gravity of the aerial, or "balance point". (Note: The Mail order model may differ due to packing constraints i.e circle and frame arms)

G17 fitted
Typical G17 Fitted A Typical G17 fitted to a gable end wall, with 10 inch T+K brackets,12 foot steel 14 gauge mast, Am whip aerial, which also works as true omni-directional Fm aerial, and two Standard TV aerials, these would be replaced today with a single wideband digital model. (Note: the bottom bracket is not seen here and top bracket is fitted several bricks below the top as the top bricks are weaker and more prone to failure from lifting).

Customers G23
G20 With Rotator Vertical mounting The G20 here is fitted with a vertical polarity mounting kit to improve reception on certain vertically polarised stations the acceptance angle is widened by doing this but gain on vertically polarised transmissions is far enhanced. These are usually so called pirate station.

Customers G23
Typical G23 With Rotator Here we have a customer's G23 fitted to a rotator this enables use of the aerial to its full capability on various local and national stations with differing locations. You should be sure that you have a situation where a rotator will be advantageous as it is a costly item. Also a rotator should be used at least once a month to stop it seizing up through lack of use.

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