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AM/FM Whip Aerial (Omni directional)

Acceptance angle 360 Deg Height42"
Weight0.7 kilos

AM RADIO / Secondary FM tuner

For AM radio or secondary FM tuners we make one aerial which is a one meter long vertical fibre glass whip. It comes with a heavy duty mast mount, stand off arm and a 5 foot / 1.5 meter wired lead ready to connect to independent downlead. It is an AM/FM device and is truely omnidirectional additionally its light weight and nominal windloading allow easy installs and greater height to be acheived. This aerial is ideal for a stand alone secondary tuner or to complement a G17 install. Adding a second feed for either AM or FM reception to main or auxillary tuners.
Here we see a typical application with AM-FM Whip aerial at top followed by G17 and finally basic TV aerial below. the AM-FM whip has a long enough fly lead to directly join to a main coaxial feed at a comfortable working height or can be pre-connected before install. Furthermore it should cause no adverse effects to the G17 reception being a simble vertical element well outside the G17 array. ( the same is not true of other basic FM aerials which should be spaced at least 12 feet apart! ) Note: The Whip aerial pictured above is actually an older 2 meter version which is no longer available.
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