Our FM Aerials can be ordered directly from us to cover a variety of needs. We are also able to build one off specialised aerials to order. We supply only aerial we have personally installed many times which have proved effective and reliable on literally tens of thousands of installations all over the U.K. over a period of many years. The same aerials and fixings are just as effective in other countries and we have been supplying without problems since the 70s to as far a field as Australia.

Advice can be given on all aspects of an aerial systems including aerials, masts, rotators, transmitters, frequencies, mixing, cabling, amplification, mulitple outlets, video playback, etc. In fact we can give help on all aspects of a domestic installation or any other type of installation with over 40 years of experience we are happy to answer any questions and provided any information that we can.

We believe patterning, lines, snow, etc on your picture and noise, poor stereo, lack of base and definition etc. are not somnething you have to live with in the vast majority of cases thousands of pounds worth of audio visual equipment is wasted simply because of the poor state of the aerial installation this is especially true of hifi equipment where our aerials are unsurpassed in sound quality often making much more difference than any other upgrade of the system you may make. With T.V. although not always as dramatic significant improvements may also be had.

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