We are specialists in domestic Aerials for TV and Radio. We supply professional aerials to anyone interested in obtaining the best in Audio Video quality. We have been doing this for many years and can solve most reception problems. Our advice and help is free, and backed up by a comprehensive range of products. We manufacture and design all our own aerials and within the U.K had a full installation service. We export to Europe America and most other parts of the world. If you want to receive it or improve it we probably know how.


We have been in the TV and FM aerial business since 1964. In 1971 we opened the Aerial Shop in Luton England. This period coincided with the advent of U.H.F colour television transmissions, which demanded more critical aerials, so resulting in our 'Arrow' and 'Zodiac' ranges which are still highly effective and well proven over tens of thousands of installations.

On the radio side, stereo transmissions were first introduced into the U.K.on Radio 3 around 1972 again requiring more critical designs, we found the 'Arrow' designs gave good results. We actually made a 20 elememnt array at FM frequencies, 5 times the size of the TV version. This array was over 20 feet/6 meters long, 7 feet/2 meters high and very flexy, but it proved the point and resulted in the 'Arrow' FM range of sixteen models. Then in the mid Seventies circular and mixed polarity transmissions were introduced for the first time, for which we developed a circular dipole, this lead to circularly polarized arrow aerials then finally our current 'Galaxie' and 'Orion' ranges.

The modular format incorporated into each of our ranges is a direct result of our experience on installation work and saves any waste on your DIY choice as you can easily upgrade your original purchase. Frame dimensions have been maintained over the last 20 years so that any part can be replaced regardless of age.

Today we can supply all our radio arrays. We can also build special one off aerials too and give advice and support to the end customer doing their own installation, this know how, together with our tried and tested range of FM Aerials, will make your aerial installation a success.

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