All our aerials, are designed and manufactured by us. The main material used is 15mm square aluminium alloy punched and formed on our own tooling. Half round elements are used on the UHF aerials with half inch round seam welded tube used for dipoles and three eighth inch butt seamed tube for reflector and director elements on the FM arrays. The Galaxie and Orion ranges have twin mast clamps for greater security.

The aerials are modular within their own ranges, you can order additional items at any time in the future to upgrade the aerial should you need more signal. We maintain frame and element styles and sizes so that repairs are possible regardless of the age of the aerial both these services are provided without additional costs over the standard full arrays apart from carriage charges.

Masts we recommend are steel, 18swg on the 1" diameter 16swg to 14swg on 1.5 inch and 2 inch diameter. Avoid alloy masts, mainly because of age hardening which allows them to become brittle at the top fixing point and snap, thus allowing the array to fall causing damage to tiles and possibly property or persons below. Steel does not suddenly snap but slowly leans over hardle ever severing completely. Where high windloading is involved we would use twin or triple mast techniques for extra security.

Brackets or clamps are sourced from quality suppliers, strength and reliability being our first consideration. For wall bracket fixing we recommend only heavy duty expansion anchors. The lightweight or plastic plug type are avoided. we were not afraid to climb our masts where necessary to fit the antenas.

As for coaxial cables, top quality double screened satellite type cables are best. Losses on cables account for at least half of reception problems, especially on UHF television frequencies, and these days computers, microwaves, satallites, mobile and cordless phones, alarm systems etc. can all cause interference problems on inferior coaxial cables.

We are one of the only companies offering an AM radio aerial. It is in fact an AM/FM whip aerial of the type once popular on cars. We extend the existing coaxial lead which in fact forms part of the aerial's circuitry and fit a clamp to enable mast fixing. This aerial is the only true omnidirectional fixed array and will give limited FM results, as well as improved AM reception.

We supply or recommend only items we have personally installed many times which have proved effective and reliable on literally tens of thousands of installations all over the U.K. over a period of many years.

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