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Galaxie - Orion Versions


Above illustrated Orion "11" with 10 element reflector

The five extra reflector elements increase the gain by 0.5 dB and lift the Front to Back Ratio to 37.7 dB and Windloading to 60 lbs @ 100mph.

The "Orion" is a "skeletonised" version of the Galaxie range, reducing windload, weight and acceptance angle, whilst maintaining forward gain. The circular diapole gives the same clarity and bandspread. This can be useful in areas where taller masts are needed and windloading is critical. The tighter acceptance angle favour rotator use and lightweight rotators can be used. The figures on the next page show this quite clearly. The three larger models have increased framework to cope with the extra length. All four models can be upgraded to full Galaxie specification.


Digital radio reception requires a band III vertically polarised aerial.


For AM radio I make one aerial which is a one meter long vertical fibre glass whip. it comes with a short lead and junction box and can be ordered for wall or mast mount. It is an AM/FM device and is omnidirectional.
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