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Galaxie 14

Frequency 8890929496 98100102104107 (mHz)
Gain 14.314.414.514.614.7 14.514.414.314.214.1 (dBs)
Acceptance angle55 Deg Height33"
Front to Back Ratio (98mHz)31.2 dBs Width68"(max.)
Windload @ 100mph43 lbs Length44"
Weight4.53 kilos
The Galaxie "14" has a slightly flatter response between the 3 dB points than the Diamond "12" and the extra gain gives it more range. Again it is good as an "add on" or loft unit, but in it’s own right  can be a main aerial in medium to semi-fringe areas. Uprating to the Galaxie "17" is easily effected by means of a simple single stage "add on" unit, in many cases without need for removal of the aerial. To move up further to the Galaxie"20" or Galaxie"23" is more complicated, necessitating use of outrigger framework to prevent "folding" of the array in gale conditions, due to the much higher windloading. Also the clamps on the aerial would have to be repositioned at "balance" point.

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