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Early in 2010 Ron ,my father, moved on peacefully. He now has a perfect reception and clear horizons. However as the Galaxie range of FM aerials is of Ron's own design and (due to repeated requests) we have decided to maintain supplies. This has always been a family business and as such we are able to maintain the high standards of quality of product and freely given personal advice. I will be happy to continue giving advice on all installation questions and supplying our loyal customer base with our quality products for the forseeable future.
George Smith.

All FM models can be reduced or upgraded as required. The circular "5" is the base unit for all "Orions" & "Galaxies" and all the "Orions" can be uprated to Galaxie specifications. See list below or Email/phone for cost. The Galaxie 17 is made as an extended "14". The front can be removed.
Retail Prices w.e.f. October 2009 (inc. carriage UK Mainland only)
Stereo Radio Upgrade Kits
Circular Five £90.00 "C5" to "D12" £60.00
Diamond Twelve £130.00 "C5" to "G14" £90.00
Galaxie Fouteen £150.00 "C5" to "G17" £100.00
Galaxie Seventeen £180.00 "C5" to "G20" £150.00
Galaxie Twenty £210.00 "C5" to "G23" £210.00
Galaxie Twentythree £280.00 "D12" to "G14" £60.00
"D12" to "G17" £90.00
Orion Eight £140.00 "D12" to "G20" £140.00
Orion Nine £170.00 "D12" to "G23" £190.00
Orion Ten £210.00 "G14" to "G17" £60.00
Orion Eleven £270.00 "G14" to "G20" £110.00
Orion Eleven 10 el Ref £290.00"G14" to "G23" £170.00
"G17" to "G20" £100.00
"G17" to "G23" £150.00
"G20" to "G23" £100.00
Payment accepted only by Cheque, Money Order, or Bank Transfer.
Cheques should be made out to "George Smith" Please include your full postal address,
postcode and contact telephone number plus any delivery comments.
Your carrier can collect by prior arrangement.
See page nine in catalogue for box size and weight

IBAN - GB09 CPBK 0893 0010 243747 BIC CPBK GB22


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