Galaxie 17

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GALAXIE 17 Our most popular model


The Galaxie "17" is our most popular model, recommended by Naim Audio for its excellent characteristics and soundstage on their tuners. The centre of our range, its high forward gain and excellent rejection make it suitable for most applications.Comment below by Malcolm Steward - Audiophile - March 1992.
"To dispel the notion that any aerial will suffice so long as it is roof mounted, compare the signal strengths I measured off the two aerials I have on a 12 foot roof mast. The secondary device is a Magnum Dynalad ST-2 omnidirectional, while the directional multi-element Galaxie 17 is aligned to use the transmitters at Wrotham in Kent and Crystal Palace in south east London. The Magnum Dynalab omni gives 40dB of signal on Radio 3, and the Galaxie gives 67dB, a difference of more than 2mV, more than 22 times the gain. On one of London’s commercial stations the omni manages 39db (89 microvolts) while the Galaxie pulls in 74dB (5 millivolts) the latter being more than 50 times greater. The difference especially on Radio 3, is readily audible. With live broadcasts the Galaxie 17 produces a far deeper soundstage, greater clarity, more depth and substance to instrument timbre, and more low level detail than either the Magnum or the Yagi which the Magnum replaced"