FM-AM Vertical Whip aerial
  • FM-AM Vertical Whip aerial
  • Installed with G17  to provide a secondary signal source

AM-FM Whip Aerial


AM/FM (secondary tuner)

1 meter fiber glass whip aerial with heavy duty mast mount and 5 meter coaxial fly lead ready to connect.Ideal where we need either an AM aerial signal or to run a secondary tuner without splitting the signal from the main Galaxie install. Use of a double screened coaxial cable and the extra height means it will far out perform any internal aerials and be shielded from noise/interference signals generated by our equipment.


For AM radio or FM on a secondary tuner we make one aerial which is a one meter long vertical fibre glass whip. It comes with a heavy duty mast mount, stand off arm and a 5 foot / 1.5 meter wired lead ready to connect to a double screened independent CT100 down lead. It is an AM/FM device and is truly omni-directional  and its light weight and nominal wind loading allow easy installs and greater height to be achieved. This aerial is ideal for a stand alone secondary tuner or to complement a G17 install by adding a second feed for either AM or FM reception to main or auxiliary tuners. A simple solution to avoid the necessity of a rotator in some cases just switch aerials for that local independent station which is to the side or behind the G17.

The AM-FM whip or can be installed and then easily joined directly to an older existing down lead or pre-connected before installation with new CT100/RG6 down lead. (it may be soldered or a simple physical cable to cable "thumb" joint used - any plugs should be cut off and discarded  to prevent oxidation)

This aerial should cause no adverse effects to the G17 reception being a simple vertical element well outside the main array and having its own separate shielded cable. ( the same is not true of other basic FM aerials which should be spaced at least 12 feet away to prevent parasitic effects )